Sweden's new font of knowledge

Why Sweden Commissioned Its Own TypefaceSo OK, this has been in the news for a whilte but I thought I might point out for those who haven't heard (probably most everyone I gather) that Sweden has a new type font.  Meh, you say? Well it actually is pretty exciting not only to designers and other type nerds, but also politicians who are a little skeeved by the supposed rise of "Swedish Nationalism".  Whoa, I think introducing a type font and mentioning the rise of nationalism in the same sentence is a little bit far-fetched.  I mean let's face it, Sweden has always been a very aesthetic culture.  Having a new "national font" is not the same thing as an anti-immigration sentiment or is it?  Read more on gizmodo for their thoughts on this matter. Personally I think a little Swedish pride is in order - just as long as you don't make me use Sweden Sans I am Ok with it.

To quote one of the Söderhavet's designers, Stefan Hachenbach: “We have an expression in Swedish, lagom, which means ‘not too much and not too little’, something in the middle that means you’re content. We Swedes are happy with that. And lagom is what we’ve aimed for with Sweden Sans.”  more here  Well OK then Stefan, I'm down with that.  Lagom rules!


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