The Flying Fox - what does the fox say?

Isn't is amazing how quickly news and not-so-news-worthy stuff spreads on the internet?  I just saw this video by Ylvis last week and today my son was singing "What does the fox say?"  (How many people bet the fox will be a Halloween hit?  I do!)  So funny, even Ellen DeGeneres is a fan, watch Ellen Degeneres speaks fox.  I appreciate that the fox has important things to say, but my favorite video is actually "The Cabin". Norwegians, Swedes, and I dare say some New Hampshirites probably relate to this parody of owning your own tiny piece of parody.  Hey, it's like the Taj Majal except for the shape and the size! :-)
And here's what Wikipedia says about these guys from Norway for those not in-the-know:
Ylvis is a comedy duo from BergenNorway, consisting of brothers Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker. They debuted as professional variety artists in 2000 and have since had a string of very successful variety shows, humoristic concerts, TV shows, radio shows and music videos. Their song "The Fox" went viral on YouTube in September 2013, bringing the brothers to international attention.  

And just 'cause it's Friday and you need a fun start to the weekend, here's "The Fox" by Ylvis.  Enjoy!


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