We are family! (IKEA family)

Fall for incredible savings!Finally here after a long drive.... IKEA!  We just moved so what's a Swedish girl gonna do but head to the land of blue and yellow, and snag me a "FOTO" and some "Gyllen".  I love those weird Swedish names don't you?  Pictures are below (this wall sconce was cool but we went with a different style with frosted flowers).  Hope the electrician comes tonight as promised, and we can see again.  Let there be light!  Ljus!  Thank goodness we are not in Sweden right now, or we would be getting a little depressed in the murky fall light.  Are you an IKEA family?  I have to admit that we are. :-)
FOTO Pendant lamp IKEA This lamp gives a pleasant atmosphere for dining, spreading direct light across your dining or bar table.
FOTO, pendant light in different colors
GYLLEN Wall lamp IKEA You can hang it horizontally or vertically.
Gyllen, a wall sconce, but we went with one more subdued


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