The land of beige

Welcome to the land of beige... our new home, vast "acres" (OK, square feet) of beige carpeting, beige walls, and beige wallpaper.  Yes, I get it, beige is a good neutral.  It's non-offensive and safe, which is exactly why I don't like it.  Also, this carpeting is ancient.  As much as I love the people who sold us our house I don't appreciate inheriting their odors too, like old cats, feet, and third hand smoke.
So, first on the list - get rid of the carpet!  Right after I've sat down to another cup of coffee, and some blog posting for support.  ;-)  Why is it so hard to get going with DYI?  I like the idea of it but the actual physical labor?  Yuck.  I guess that's why Pinterest is so popular.  No fuss, no muss.

So before I get going, some inspiration to keep my spirits up.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and unlike me, aren't stuck inside breathing old feet fumes, and dust bite bunnies. lovely white organic style on houzz

Welcome the land of beige


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