Shared Parental Leave

This is old news in Sweden, but for those of you who don't already know it, Sweden offers parental leave of up to 18 months to be split by husband and wife.  And that's paid! I know that you've been brainwashed into thinking that it's not do-able but it is, and it's been in effect for over 20 years in Sweden. In 1995 Sweden enacted one paid month paternity leave. The total parental leave equals 480 days! 90 of these are reserved for the father only.  The days are paid at a 80% rate of salary for 390 days. The rules are complicated, see here for more information.

There are some pros and cons of course, just like with everything, it may be harder to get a permanent job in Sweden (or "fast" as they call it), but once you do your guaranteed so many benefits including this one that it's well worth the wait.  Can you say five weeks paid vacation at a minimum, two paid coffee breaks (which as a teacher I enjoyed!) and of course free health care for all?  Sometimes it makes me sick to think of what we gave up by moving back.) And oh yeah, college is free.  So there's that. ;-)

Anyway, enjoy these beautiful photos from National Geographic of fathers in Sweden on parental leave!


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