Ha, ha!  I couldn't resist poking a little fun this morning at a serious subject.  There was major confusion the other day when little Sweden was featured in a speech by President Trump in Melbourne, Florida. He said that there had been a terrorist attack there and we all went "huh"?  Swedish friends and family confired that there hadn't been any such attack.   http://www.dailysquat.com/trump-pledges-help-sweden-tackle-dangerous-terrorist-group/  Here's just a little bit of the joke:

This is a Waterloo moment in the fight against terrorism,’ said Trump. ‘We know what Sweden needs right now is our total support and money, money, money. This will be the last SOS that Sweden has to send out because together we will fight the terror of ABBA.’
‘Mamma mia, that was a strong statement from our President,’ commented right-wing pundit Bill O’Reilly.
So in all actuality what happened is that Trump had been watching a news segment on the film "Stockholm Syndrome" by the reactionary film maker Ami Horowitz in which immigrants are blamed for violence and rioting. The police interviewed in making the movie said that their words were taken out of context and changed.  They even called Horowitz a "madman".  More here: http://www.dn.se/kultur-noje/nyheter/swedish-police-featured-in-fox-news-segment-filmmaker-is-a-madman/  Wow, I have to say parsing the news has become quite tricky, even for those of us that have the inside scoop! 


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