Do you love to read? I do. Right now I'm enjoying Moonflower by Michael Chabon with its patchwork quilt-like memories of a tough old man, and inventive language. Ready to get your dictionary? Here are some new words for me - neeps (turnips), legerdemain (deception), tori (plural of torus, elliptical rings like a donut), Sheboygan (a town in Wisconsin used as a swear). OK, what? I love Chabon but around page 120 things started to bog down for a bit, and I turn to you lovely blog readers for some plain ol' writing.
The Sellout is another good book which I blogged about earlier. Ironically I got it from my father for Christmas who must have influenced by said blog post. (Ahem, he must have read it right?) ;) So now that I have two copies of this weird and thought provoking book I thought a little contest might be in order.
The first person to give me a book suggestion (and it must be a book I haven't read) will get my brand new paperback copy of The Sellout via regular post. It's in English by the way. Just leave a comment below. Ready, setty, go!!


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