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Hej!  I hope that you are well.  I am struggling against my pantry today where delicious freshly-made fastlagsbullar - otherwise known as "semlor" - live.  The buns and their evil cohorts (whipped cream and almond paste) are haunting me with their aroma.  I made these buns for my son's birthday and to have a "fika" with Swedish friends.  They are sooo good! Recipe here.

And for those of you who want the same experience without the work try this recipe that I made last year.  Fastagsbullar are for "Fat Tuesday" but you can eat this any time of year!
Sweden hasn't really been known for it's cuisine (unless you're thinking of the Swedish Chef) but recently things have changed for the better, and luckily for me, close to home!  Malmö is turning into quite the foodie destination and I can't wait to try at least one of these new restaurants out this summer when we go home.

The article from the local lauds in particular: Bord13, Namu, and Lyran.  They all sound good but I think Lyran is the one that I'd book first and it just won the "best restaurant in Skåne" award in January 2017 so I guess my instincts were right.  Read more here -

One of the best things about Malmö is Möllevången, an open air market where you can buy the fresh vegetables, flowers, meat and bread that the local restaurants crave.  Also a great stinky cheese store is right on the corner!  Yum!


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