The Vikings are Coming! The Vikings are Coming!

No need to hide your wives and valuables though.  This time it's an expedition with the boat Draken Harald Hårfagre which is landing on Newfoundland tomorrow, June 1st!  Expedition America left Greenland on May 27th heading our way.  Captain Björn Ahlander started the voyage in Norway, heading first for Iceland.  Here's an amazing clip from their voyage:
The teamwork is takes to undertake something like this is very impressive.  I can't imagine being one of the people sitting together in this open boat on the Atlantic.  No need for rowing at this point with the wind as strong as it was.  It helps me truly understand the Vikings better to watch this team in the North Sea.  It's the biggest Viking ship and it's named after the first king of Norway, Harald Fair Hair. According to their site it will be in New York on September 15th!  What a sight that would be!

Back home, we had our own special nautical visitation - a replica of a Spanish galleon from the 1630's.  Reminded me of this beast, which was even more impressive: take a look here for my post on The Vasa which sank off the coast of Stockholm in 1628.  


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