Daily Doodle Challenge!

I am starting a challenge for my Start 2 Art class and I'm opening it up to everyone!  Just a simple doodle a day will get you on the road towards more creative thinking; and a better appreciation of nature and the simple joys of life.  That's what "Living la vida lagom" is all about - finding the balance in life and we need art, I think, to balance out technology.  Feel free to look for Start 2 Art on Facebook and post your daily doodle there if you'd like to share.
Image result for clouds
Picture of the most boring cloud I could find so you don't feel compelled to copy ;-)
So...Daily Doodle Challenge #1 -- Draw a cloud. Keep in mind this quote by Thoreau: "What sort of science is that which enriches the understanding but robs the imagination". Open to any and all!


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