ready to be a reality star?

Ready to get a rose?  Wrong place, sorry.  Also not time to be a survivor or get fired.  This show is "All about Sweden!"  Of course.  :-)  So if you are of Swedish descent and you've never been to Sweden, this could be your chance to be famous!  Check out John from Chicago's story here:  He did it.  Below read what the show says then click on over here to apply because they want you!! (De vill ha dig!) :-)  I wrote about the show in 2012.  It's been popular for a while and was fun to watch!


Meter Television are searching for Americans with Swedish ancestry for a reality TV-show. After the major success of the 5 seasons of the nominated TV-series Allt för Sverige - Great Swedish Adventure (The American title of the show) we are now casting for season 6.

In the years 1846-1930 1, 3 million Swedish people immigrated to America to build a better life for their families. Today, more than 4.8 million Americans have Swedish heritage.
The Producers of the Swedish version of “American Idol” and “Minute to win it” are coming to the U.S. to find fun, outgoing Americans with Swedish ancestry to participate in their new reality television series “Allt för Sverige”


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