cleaning and decluttering

I'm all for making cleaning as fun as possible but lets admit it, it's not.  Some pundits would lead you to believe that cleaning the spaghetti sauce off the counter, or the cat hair under the bench is a zen moment in the making and even easy to do.

As I cleaned La Casa Lagom today I tried to slow my thoughts and make it fun by thinking how nice it is to see everything looking clean and smelling fresh.  OK, yeah maybe it is satisfying for the moment but like most chores it just doesn't stay done!  Then there's the laundry, the shopping, the meal planning, the de-cluttering, scrapbooks etc ... no wonder Facebook, blogging and even real work is so tempting in comparison!

I wish that someone would come to my house and just do everything for me, maybe after a little brainwashing (like this) I'll just do it myself. Or pay the kids to do it ;-)


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