Swedish Parliament

Swedish Parliament is a game of wits and cunning, and you don't even need to be elected.  Ha, ha!
It is, instead, quite literally a game, and having been voted one of the worst games ever probably not one I'll get. ;-)  I am curious though to find out if it's been updated to include the new parties, such as The Sweden Democrats.  If you're curious here's the breakdown of Parliament, or Riksdag today:
The eight parties currently represented in the Riksdag are (in order of percentage share, from largest to smallest): the Social Democratic Party (Socialdemokraterna), the Moderate Party (Moderaterna), the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna), the Green Party (Miljöpartiet de Gröna), the Centre Party (Centerpartiet), the Left Party (Vänsterpartiet), the Liberal Party (Folkpartiet Liberalerna), and the Christian Democrats (Kristdemokraterna). From https://sweden.se/society/the-swedish-system-of-government/
Swedish Parliament did get a 7/10 on "Boardgame Geeks" and here's the description within:
In Swedish Parliament 2014, you play as one of eight Swedish parties and compete to become the most influential party after the 2014 parliament elections.
The most influential party is the one that becomes the "center of gravity" in the next cabinet. To achieve this, you need as many votes for yourself as possible, but more importantly, you need to have better relations with other parties than they have with each other.
Each turn, you play "idea cards" that move the parties' positions on one of the eight political scales (high tax/low tax, immigration/nationalism etc). Parties who move in concert may strengthen their relation; parties who don't risk weakening theirs. Every move gives the parties more or less favor with the eight voter groups (old/young, men/women etc), which determines the votes cast by the game's sixteen voters (representing every combination of the four voter groups).
The game is an act of balances: Stick out your neck enough to keep a clear profile and win voters that give you political weight, but co-operate enough to place this weight in the right position of the winning coalition.
Are you interested in playing government?  Personally I don't think I could stomach it on the federal level, it's enough just watching the U.S. political ads to turn mine!
Swedish Parliament - the real deal


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