Interesting hotels around the world

Rovaniemi, Finland
I'm dying to go some place.  We love to travel, and I am used to a trip every now and then. A change of place in this bleak winter season would do me good but the budget prohibits. So instead of an actual trip I've been visited travel sites, and airplane booking sites (and wasted too much time bopping around thinking of all these wonderful places).

One of the things that most interests me now is the idea of going to a unique hotel. Here are some that have crossed my radar.  First this place in Tokyo which is a hostel with books galore in a cool part of town called Ikebukoro.
Then there's this interesting place.  Located in Finland it seems like the perfect place to see the aurora borealis, known as the Northern Lights.
Finally another choice which would be fun is this tree-house hotel 30 minutes outside of Seattle, Washington near a raging river.  Children under the age of 13 are not allowed so this would make the perfect getaway for hubby and I.  Well, one can always dream!
Finally I'd love to go to Finland's Santa Land which is at the Northern Pole.  The hotel may not be unique but the setting in Rovaniemi is so cool and there are a lot of fun things to do.  When I saw an ad for an inexpensive trip to Helsinki on FinnAir I just about pulled the trigger.  (Good thing I didn't HH would have been mad.) :-)  Here's a link in case  you have a hankering to meet Santa and view the Northern Lights too!  Do you have any cool hotels you'd like to visit?  Please leave a comment and we'll compare notes.  Tack!


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