Formex concludes

Formex is a great place to pick up on new retail trends.  I've written about it before, here and here, it was such a wonderful thing to do many moons ago with my friend Christina that I've followed it ever since.  It appears that a blue and white boho look will be in full force in Scandinavia this spring. The exhibit which is held in Stockholm for three days every January and August just concluded today.
Emma Fällman
Emma Fällman was announced the winner of the award 'Formex Formidable 2015' which is a great honor.  The jury selected the designer of these lushly designed silk scarves which can be purchased online in Sweden because, to quote from the Formex website.
Emma Fällman’s Totem Tiger stands for strength, bravery and beauty. And her Cockatoo represents positive change. This is young Swedish design with an attitude.Imagery that exudes both urban tattoos and folk art in an exciting cavalcade of patterns. It awakens the tiger within us.
Really?  Not sure a scarf can do that, but they are as gorgeous than Hermes which makes them at 2250 Swedish Krones a relative bargain ($261).  Hermes on the other hand will set you back about $395.
La Marche de Zambeze scarf by Hermes 
And finally here's a link from the amazing  Frida went to Formex and came away with inspiring shots of beautiful textiles and designs.  Enjoy!


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