Snow Day!

Do you still wake up giddy and excited when the forecast is for snow?  I do!  Oh, and the 5:00 AM call from school worked too.  So excited to do arts and crafts with the kiddos, scroll my favorite blogs, make a yummy (gluten free) quiche, watch a movie, make a snow fort, scrap-book .... so I guess I have to prioritize... wait, I know, blog about everything I want to do! ;-)  Funny how that works.  So putting it off for a bit.  I will have to share some photos later.

In the meantime here's some lovely shots I saved for a chilly day from a new Swedish company called "Heart of Lovvika",  You may remember I posted about my Lovvika vantar (Lovvika mittens) here, now I found this really cool company which makes beautiful knitted clothing items, the photos are to die for, and the pieces are all well made and lovely.

 To Buy visit
Hej Sofia, I am loving your company!  Good luck with your business and your mission of supporting the Lovvika knitters.

Also love these shoes in the Lovvika motive!  Check 'em out, how cool are they?  Not sure who came up with this idea but it is so fun.  Too pretty to wear on mushy snowy streets.
Lovvika Converse are available in SneakersandStuff in Malmö and Stockholm for a limited time. Have a fun, creative snowy day!


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