Place for a princess and a party

I know I should be watching the Olympics right now and cheering on the old "gul och blå" (yellow and blue) and the "red, white and blue" team but instead I'm surfing through the ether looking at amazing homes and dreaming myself away from this dreary February weather.  Wouldn't it be fun for example to own a castle?

Click over to check out these noble places fit for a princess in Sweden: 23 castles in Sweden.  Here's a peak if you're too lazy to click (I don't blame you, I find that the chilly evening air complete with a massive dinner like the one we just had will do that to me too.)  This pretty yellow house called "Sviestad gård" reminds me is quintessentially Swedish.  It costs 4 200 000 which is $647,258.
Here's one in Bergslagen for 7 500 000 krones totaling $1,155,817 give or take:
And here's a beautiful one in the baroque style called "ållanö" in Norrköping I believe that costs 39 000 000 SEK which is $6,010,251 at today's rate.  Well worth it don't you think?  Based on a quick search I think it traces back to 1344 - now that's history for you!
Yes, well a woman can dream.  Enjoy the pretty pictures, and if you buy one of these babies you will let me know won't you?  ;-)


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