S'more fires

Hello!  The time for toasty fires and keeping warm is here.... so we amped it up a bit by taking the kids to a fire-making workshop in the woods.  I thought my wee Vikings would like the chance to play "Prometheus" and they did.  We learned how to create fire from sticks and using magnesium.  Master Luke didn't even set his pants on fire like he did on the beach last summer at our family cookout.  (See picture below.)  To celebrate I made this yummy cake that I found on "A Beautiful Mess" smores-campfire-cake.  Just couldn't resist it!  We ate s'mores with the other participants, and our wonderful teachers Lowell and Lydia of Fun Way Learning in the frosty, smokey air and they were delicious.  At home we started a fire in our fireplace now much more confident of our fire building abilities.  Thanks L+L!  It was a fun class.

The foil wrapped S'mores are keeping warm
Yum! S'mores!
Last summer he burned himself, not this time though!


  1. Such a fun afternoon in a perfect setting, The kids were so focused...LOVED when everyone succeeded and there were five little fires going simultaneously! Your 'wee Vikings' always add a spark and sparkle to any Fun Way event - thanks for joining us!!


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