Miss Organized c'est moi

Noreen, the appraiser, gave us a wonderful compliment a couple of days ago. She said " you win the most organized couple award".  HH (hubby) wanted to take full credit, but no, she did say both of us, and I truly deserve this moniker after spending all weekend cleaning, sorting, purging, packing, etc.  I cleared out my closet of all winter clothes, coats and boots leaving room for summer clothes and shoes.  It feels good to have everything organized.  Today I awarded myself by heading to "The Container Store", the mecca of organizing tools and tricks, and I left with a new piece of luggage for our trip to Sweden, a trash container, and an entry form to their trip to Cook Islands.  I have the luggage, the bathing suit, and the travel companion - let's go! http://www.containerstore.com/tripfortwo/thankYou.htm
p.s. BTW, good tips on de-cluttering can be found here, http://www.becomingminimalist.com/creative-ways-to-declutter/


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