Eurovision 2013 is tomorrow!

Zlata Ognevich "Gravity"
For those of you in the US who aren't familiar with Eurovision Music Festival that takes place this Saturday in Malmö here's a fun little intro by "Overthinking It" that I found on YouTube.  Check it out, it's very funny!

I loved watching Melodifestival (as it's called in Sweden) last year.  We were at a friend's house clustered around one of two television sets (it was an American family's home, natch) :-)  We all ate snacks, drank, and discussed the relative merits of the various acts - music, clothing, make-up, dance routines, etc. - it could get pretty catty at times.  Why do I love it?  Well like he says in the video, it's sometimes just so bizarre and individualized and fun.

This year Zlata Ognevich from the Ukraine is carried on stage by a giant dressed like a Valkyrian.  OK, the song is good, she's beautiful, and this idea is outrageous.  She's got my vote!  See how it works? You root for the home team, but everything is up for grabs, and "Smaken är som baken - delad" (if you read my blog you already know what this means).  Basically it's totally subjective so everyone from the little kids who go for pop princesses to grandpa who likes the Russian grannies (who came in second last year, btw) gets a say.  So fun!  Check out the above video for a short clip of the grannies who were hugely popular.

If you want to watch it this year, like I do, set aside some time on Saturday and try this link. I would!


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