coconut cake

How is it that some people just seem to have a knack of making their baked goods look absolutely delicious?  Now having been in the advertising business I understand that food stylists have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves, and I wouldn't trust a bite of their beautiful dishes suspecting that they might taste like sawdust or something, but just average people.... I mean just look at this woman's cake,  She lives in Austria so I can't actually read her post but the pictures are making me drool.  Now look at my cake,
My cake, not so pretty but good
So I fell in love with a gorgeous recipe in "House Beautiful" (yes, the picture won me over) but how come my cake looks so frumpy and lopsided?  It must be genetic.  I remember my Swedish mother making American birthday cake for me and piling frosting into the fallen in hole in the middle.  Not that we kids minded of course.  ;-)  Well my cake may not as great but it tasted pretty good so here's the recipe - in English - and the beautiful photo to inspire you. Good luck!

(p.s. I would opt for unsalted butter because it was too salty but otherwise very yummy.)


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