Hej, wow what a weekend.  Still trying to catch up after all the dancing, drinking, Mother's Day-ing fun etc.  So forgive me please if I haven't posted in a while.  I have been gathering Swedish bits n' pieces from various media sources, such as the Abba museum opened in Stockholm!  ABBA Museum in USA Today

Also H+M has a new Conscious Exclusive line that I'm dying to see and try on.  The clothes are made from organic materials, recycled fabrics and new silk alternatives.  Didn't you know that H+M is Swedish?  Well, they are - formerly known as "Hennes & Mauritz" - it was always the place to get trendy designs.  Now it's a provider of elegant red carpet wear for people on a budget.  Guess I need to go, buy me some fun dresses, and keep hitting the town!


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