Mmmm, hard cider, love it.  Usually I should say .;-)  Hubby and I just went to a hard cider festival where we tried about 14 different kinds of cider in little, bitty glasses.  In at least two cases I was very glad that the glasses were small. (Lookout Farm and Artifact come to mind.). Guess that they were just too "complicated" and filled of "the unpredictable nature of wild fermentation" for my taste.

Some of the ones that we liked more were the "normal" varieties, not the ones that tasted like whiskey, seaweed or whatever else - strangely enough the ones we liked tasted like apples! For example, Strongbow, Downeast Cider House, Angry Orchard and Bantam were all good.  I think Bantam was my personal fav.  Shout out to our old hometown Somerville MA where they brew it!


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