Interesting blog

Here is a cool upscale blog that does what I would have liked to if I had the time, training or capabilities. 😉
But I guess it takes a lot out of you.  Here's what the writer says, see below.  This is quoted from the New York Times blog and puts it all into perspective:

Brittany Watson Jepsen writes The House That Lars Built, a blog with a clean Scandinavian aesthetic. Her life hasn’t been nearly as streamlined lately. “Right now, our home is a disaster of props because we had four photo shoots this week,” said Ms. Jepsen, 32, who shares an apartment with her husband, Paul Jepsen, in Provo, Utah. “Tuesday night I just sat there and I couldn’t move. This is the week of burnout.”

And when Ms. Jepsen posts one of her craft projects, like making a custom coverlet for a camp chair, she said, it may take her days to shop for the materials and create, style and photograph it. Then she has to figure out a way to translate it to her readers in six easy steps. “D.I.Y. takes a lot of planning, executing and money,” she said. “Even the simplest of projects take quite a bit of materials.”


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