Hej!  So much has happened since we steered our course back to The States 5 years ago. Three years ago we bought a new house (which we are still working on) and it's our Casa Lagom. L., our oldest is 14 and in highschool, and Little Bit is in 6th grade!  How time flies...

After much perseverance I got a job teaching, which was my goal and I am so happy for it!  Also I'm doing more art which was my dream.  I love art as a personal expression but I never really showed it before. Now I am sharing it with others in the hopes that they like it and want it so that I can make more! Painting is fun.  Here is a photo of a wall of paintings donated to a local art school for their fundraiser. I am not telling you which one is mine except that it is called "Joe's Playland" ūüėČ.  See black framed artwork second from bottom on the right.

The photo of flowers are from a kind mother sent to me with a nice note.  Her son loves school and I am so glad. I love all my students, they are more beautiful than any flowers.  My family is my life, my rock and my heart. I feel very grateful for them.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope that you enjoy my blog and I thank you for reading it.  Gotta go, hubby bought ice cream!


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