My baby is growing up

Hi there, feeling sentimental today.  My little boy is rocking highschool in 9th grade and of course I am very proud but I can't help but to feel that it's bittersweet.  The ultimate sentimental journey for an artist is to paint a loved one, and in this case, a child on the cusp of teenager-hold pulls the heart strings extra hard.  I am proud of this painting.  Do you like it?  Hope so! I will be auctioning off a painting soon to support our public school.  Someone hopefully will bid on it.  Who knows. ;-)

Here's something fun to kick off your weekend with.  Do you like "Carpool" with The Late Late Show's James Corden?  This one with Sia is particuraly good.  It is 10 minutes long so grab some "kaffe och kaka" (coffee and cookies) and enjoy. Happy soon-to-be Halloween to you all!


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