Power to the Goat

Goat - The Guardian
Here's the band Goat - in my humble opinion they look like macabre Harlequins but they sound like they've done one too many downward dogs.  Goat is reportedly from Korpilombolo in Northern Sweden.  Here's what Wikipedia has to say, and I quote below.  (If you've read Popular Music from Vittala by Mikael Niemi this might not come as a total shock.)

 "...Korpilombolo in Sweden which, according to the band's own publicity, has a history of voodoo worship after a witch doctor came and lived there. Supposedly, when Christian crusaders came and destroyed the village the surviving people fled and placed a curse on the town. This has been described as "a lovely story, if possibly not entirely rooted in reality."[4]
The band started playing music when they were children, as part of a local community tradition, and there have been many incarnations of Goat who have recorded over the last "30 or 40 years". There are now three original "core" members of the band, from Korpilombolo, but in live concerts they are augmented by four other performers from Gothenburg.[4]"
Here's a sample of their music:
So Goat is a Swedish world music band that's dipping into the psychodelic past to bring us haunting hippy-dippy songs.  I could do yoga to these but can't say I'd listen to them at home.  What do you think?  As to the name "Goat" I just can't resist this opportunity to add our favorite goat parody, check this out.  Too funny.


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