syrener, trädgårdsblommorIt's snowing here, and I can't wait for spring.  The daffodils, which were just about to bloom, are covered in snow.  The magnolia tree by the City Hall which was ready to put out its beautiful blooms looks cold and shivery.  The tulips had poked their little stems out of the ground but are quickly getting cold feet.  April is a cruel month this year.  I can't wait to see the flowers and especially the lilac growing in the back yard.  I love the scent which reminds me of graduation time in Sweden.  It reminds me of sun and freedom.  I'd love to have a lilac covered bench in the back corner of the garden where I could drink a cup of coffee.  This is called a Syren berså in Swedish, or lilac arbor. Here's some interesting facts about lilacs:  the purple ones have the strongest scent; they are edible; and there are superstitions surrounding lilacs that have to do with seeing ghosts at the same time on Sundays in the lilacs.  Who knew? Time to dream of summer and lilacs.  Maybe I'll post my lilac painting soon too.  Have a great night everyone.  Sleep tight.


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