Interview with Martin Molin, maker of the Marble Machine

Martin Molin is being interviewed now on Swedish Radio station P3's program "Musikguiden".  He grew up in Karlstad where there wasn't much to do, and his childhood was full of bicycling and music.  His father sang a lot and there was an old piano that Martin liked to hit, hard.  Here is one of his musical inspirations (he was born in the 80's) by the Swedish band Roxette's "Dressed for Success". It reminds him of middle school and puts a big smile on his face.  Rage Against the Machine's  "Bombtrack" is another inspiration.  This is the real deal folks, I'm translating it for you as they interview him on the radio.

Image result for ameliePersonally I think that he seems like a really nice down-to-earth guy who studied flamenco guitar, was inspired by the Amelie soundtrack, and talked about how music wasn't cool in his Karlstad neighborhood.  Wintergatan is the name of the band that Martin is in.  As they put it on Wikipedia:
The band became known to a wider audience and was featured in international media with the release of the 2016 music video "Marble Machine", featuring a music box which plays vibraphonebass guitar, and drums using marbles.[2][3][4][5]
Check out the video.  Isn't it amazing?


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