Community Living

Cohousing in Malmö
Here's an interesting read for y'all.  I hope that this Sunday morning finds you well, happy and full of coffee.  It is a sunny day here, and almost everyone at Huset Lagom is happy, except teenage son #1. That's OK.   We'll wait him out. ;-)  This article on community living is really interesting for me because I've always been slightly interested in living this way.  Not enough to actively pursue it, although I did attend a local meeting about 5 years ago with people who wanted to create a similar community. It never got off the ground and honestly I wasn't really into it.

But this place called Sofielunds Kollektivhus sounds cool though. It's in Malmö.  You make dinner for 65 but since there's 45 apartments and meals are only served three days a week, so I'm guessing it must be about once every three months or so that you have to make dinner. The rest of the time you probably don't have to, and that sure sounds good to me! Plus they have nice amenities for everyone like a film-viewing room that you can rent out, a loom and carpentry studio, and it's obviously very easy to meet your neighbors.  What do you think about community living?  Too hippy for you, or are you an Aquarian like me?  ;-) Check it out on Houzz.


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