Glad Påsk!!

Image result for påskImage result for påskHappy Easter to everyone who celebrates it, and if you don't Happy Spring to you then!  Normally I'd have an "Easter tree" with feathers adorning it similar to the picture you see here but not this year. The cats found my bag of feathers and torn it to shreds.  This bag was in a box which was in another box!  They must be hard-wired to attack anything feathery.  (Good thing I don't have a hat with a plume.)

We did a funny thing today.  A friend and I dug holes in the sand and buried the kids Easter treats. We gave them a story about "Neptunia" the mer-rabbit and sent the kids off with shovels after showing them the approximate area (say 20' x 20') where the five holes were dug.  Almost two hours later only three of the five treats had been found. ;-)  We had to concede defeat but nonetheless it was a really fun time, and the kids will certainly sleep well tonight!  Dreaming of the real Easter bunny no doubt. Glad Påsk!


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