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See the link above to the Guardian?  Really, 'nuff said.  I just think this video is hilarious, but I guess you have to "think like a Swede".  If you get all hot n' bothered about Tinky Winky in the Teletubbies then this is NOT for you. So don't watch it then!  But if it doesn't bother you, the song is quite catchy. The idea is to talk about things like human bodies before kids get all embarrassed about it. When I worked at a Swedish preschool the kids were introduced to information about animals - male, female and baby - the kids understood that there were differences between them.  And it was no big deal.
Remember Jerry Falwell, and the furor that erupted over the show? Here's a reminder of this silliness.
http://priceonomics.com/the-outing-of-tinky-winky/.  So funny to see this video and compare it to the old show, just chalk it up to cultural differences friends.  And on that note, there's some interesting tid bits on cultural concepts that we don't have in the States.  Personally I love Danish "hygge" - the embodiment of warm and cozy which just about perfect his time of year.  To learn more about that and some other cultural concepts take a look at the link below.  Enjoy!
"Hygge" http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/arts-culture/blogs/7-cultural-concepts-we-dont-have-in-the-us#ixzz3OnCxJnC2


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