10 Steps to Swedify Yourself

10 Steps to Swedify Yourself
Here's a cool resource, and it's free.  (Click the link above, and it will lead you to babbel and free Swedish language lessions.) Bone up on your Swedish, and while you're at it, they've got some funny tips on how to "Swedify yourself".  And yes, I do like marmelad on my cheese sandwich.

For those of you American Swedes who have just found my site - welcome!  A brief introduction: I am born in America and have lived in Sweden so I speak both languages; which I have tried to teach (unsuccessfully) my two children.  With a handsome hubby and a job as a teacher, I am a lucky lady who tries to stay current in all things Swedish - the news, the customs and friends and relatives in the "old country".  I'm up for all kinds of silliness.  I hope that you like my blog!  Please leave a comment. Tack!


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