ABBA day just happened last week (on April 6th) to commerate the 40th anniversary of ABBA's historic (ha, ha) performance of Waterloo on the Eurovision stage, see here. I love their crazy outfits and how young they look.  Benny and Björn are rockin' the grotesque star man boots, and the girls look so cute in their way out 70's garb.  As Frida herself is quoted as saying in the Associated Press on 4/7/14;
"It was our youth, it was our time, and we decided how we wanted to dress ourselves onstage," said Lyngstad. "And it was fun."
It was fun to watch Abba, and still is, as Meryl Streep could attest
Check out silver star man boots and Napoleon himself on stage
The ABBA museum, and yes, I still want to go!  Read more here,
on my post
Björn and Frida on April 7th at the celebration at London's Tate Modern.
Agneta, Frida, Björn and Benny have managed more or less to live under the radar of public scrutiny that young artists go through today.  Given that they're pretty private people, especially Agneta, I wonder how they would have fared today?  Social media captures every utterance, the paparazzi every move, and for those unguarded moments there's always your "friends" and lovers to post pictures or movies on the web.  I feel sorry for them myself.  

Easier to have been a star when there were still some sort of boundaries don't you think?  I'll leave you with a little something to brighten your day, enjoy the glitter and music, from Sweden.


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