Glad Påsk! Easter time

Hi, Easter is coming (Påsk in Swedish) and it's the perfect time to drive yourself bonkers fixing up the house, preparing for spring, pinning and making all sorts of cute crafts (pyssel in Swedish).  Well, unless you are like me and have a job.  So, for those of you who wish you could do more, here's some easy tips from Tiffany! It's in Swedish but I'm posting anyway because I love it.  Why do I love this video?
1. her Skånsk dialect - very Southern, reminds me of home - what a drawl
2. her snarky comments - in particular the end where she opens up her friend's gift. Ha, ha!
3. her "lovely" crafted egg ;-) See the end

Enjoy!  And for the more serious Easter egg lovers, here's some great inspiration! Glad Påsk!

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