Here's a visual for you... a big hall, full of kids, international booths, the smells of yummy foods, and echoing laughter... can you feel it?  Well here's some photos of our recent multicultural event put on by the PTO for the public elementary school here.  It was a great success, and it felt good to donate our time, talents and food to help the children be exposed to other parts of the world and learn more about their ancestors. I even had a real Swedish "folk dräkt" sent to me by my mother, and it fit like a glove (a very tight glove) but nonetheless I felt like a true "Dalkulla".  (Swedish girl from Dalarna like this painting sold Stockholms Auktion Verk).

These pics just give you a quick taste, it was really a lot of fun and something you too might want to do at your schools to help kids in the US become better global citizens!


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