Montessori Teaching

Today I'm thinking hard about my new job as Montessori teacher, I went to a two day training this weekend and the words are swirling around my head... it's a lot to take in on a beautiful August weekend but well worth it!

I thought I'd try to start my clearing up some common misperceptions about Montessori with all (!) my new-found knowledge. Ha, ha ;-)  First of all it's not too strict and it's not too loose.  Montessori is grounded in respect for the child.  That respect is shown in different ways such as shaking the child's hand, calling him or her by name instead of honey, sweetie, etc. (kind of hard for me to do!) and in the careful preparation of the environment for the child.  

The classroom is for the students. They choose what they want to do and when.  This may seem "loose" or "unstructured" but everything on the shelves teaches the children something that is appropriate to their level of development.  So, what you may dismiss as play is actually education, Play is how children learn. And they are soaking it all in because children learn at an accelerated rate that is just unbelievable! 

It can be a little daunting to think of the wonderful children who are eager and waiting to learn from me and soak in every word, movement and message - conscious or not - that gets relayed.  I just hope that I can do a good job because "I love children", "The world needs good teachers", "I will be paid for it" (not a lot), and "I want to be great at it" - see image!  :) 

On a personal note, my big boy is home from camp and I could not be happier to welcome part of my heart home.  It hurts when they are teenagers and no longer need us as like they once did, but so much fun when they do want to be with us.  He sat and talked to me last night on the porch and I was filled with pride at everything that he is and did - he's such a nice, smart, fun kid. If I do say so myself!  (Proud Mamma) :)


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