Bad doggy and bad book

Hi, spending time on vacation and checking out funny Swedish videos.  This one is kinda gross but sums up many people's opinion of fermented herring or "sill", one of Sweden's cherished foods. 
watch-this-dog-eat-swedish-fermented-herring. My computer isn't working too well, it's taking a vaca too, but here's the link to the Facebook video..

I also got sucked into reading a long Viking saga called The Long Ships by Frans G. Bengtsson.  I don't know whose fault it is that is reads like the bible, the author or the translator, but here is an example to show you how low I've sunk:
"I have had more important things to bother about than women", said Father Willibald. "And now God be praised, I have reached the age where such temptations no longer exist.  But the blessed apostles have held differing views on this subject. St. Peter himself was married, and even went so far as to take his wife with him on his travels among the heathens. St. Paul, however, was a of another mind and remained unmarried throughout his life; which may be the reason why he traveled further and wrote more." blah, blah, blah and so on....

I feel gyped, this was supposed to have been my beach read, but instead I'm getting a lesson on theology!  My other people love it, so decide for yourselves. I'm looking for another book!


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