Recycling my old blogs, day one, - interesting thoughts on a new word "hen" which cropped up in the Swedish language. Turns out that we're trying something similar in English now. I think that's great, it's good to help everyone feel including and supported in their choices.  Just a little bit trickier when you're trying to learn a new language ;-)  What do you think?


Sweden is adding a gender neutral word to the dictionary.  It's "hen" which means he or she, and could be used for either.  So instead of saying "he likes it", you would basically be saying "it likes it", or "it gave birth" or whatever.  Perfect for describing transgender people, or someone like Pat from Saturday Night Live but I predict not otherwise to be used often in day to day speech.  Read more here.  It appears to be moving Sweden in a more gender neutral direction.  Do you agree?  It is an interesting concept but I predict difficult to implement. 


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