Melodifestival 2015

So the first round of singers vying for a chance to go as Sweden's Eurovision entry for 2015 just took place.  In my humble opinion Eric Saade, one of the semi-finalists (see above), will be the clear winner.  He looked so cute and rocked the pop style big time with his back up dancers.  His song "Sting" had a clear rythym and swinging refrain that will stick in your head like all the best "schlager songs".  Jessica Andersson was also a semi-final winner with the song "Can't hurt me now" - kind of sappy for my taste but perfect for one you've had one too many beer and need to sing some sort of anthem after your ex has left.  Not that I would know anything about that ;-)
Dolly Style (Molly, Polly, Dolly) sing "Hello, Hi" - lame!

I like watching the Melodifestival but miss the "hoopla" in Sweden that surronds it.  The finals will be held on March 14th in Stockholm, and by then everyone in Sweden will be brainwashed by the songs which will be played ad-nauseum on the radio.  Stockholm syndrome perhaps?  Ha, ha! Please follow this link for more information on the Melodifestival line-up and how they fared. 
p.s. love the old man distribe from Ulf Lundell who trashed the whole thing in Swedish, Nämen Uffe!  I love his writing but he has a dark side, more on his blog here.


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