Let it snow!

Here is a snölykta that people make in Scandinavia.  I will make one with my son today and post a picture later*. Hopefully it will be as pretty as this one, and provide a nice glow on these wintery nights.  We got socked by Juno and Linus (not sure where the K storm ended up but probably not on the east coast.) Take a look at this!
As you can see it is piling up and was extremely blustery around here.  Today it's snowy, sunny and calm, so look for some nice photos later after I literally drag my soon to be teenage son outside!

For those of you who just want to cuddle inside, here's some fashion pics from the recent Fashion Week in Stockholm for your viewing pleasure.  I have to say I am "underwhelmed".  Inez-NY is my favorite of these featured new Swedish designers because I like the asymetric cut and innovative use of sherling. What do you think?  The 70's, black and beige seemed to be trends throughout.

Check these Swedish designers out at http://www.thelocal.se/galleries/lifestyle/swedish-top-up-and-coming-fashion-talents-/20
Inez-NY 2015 Stockholm Fashion Week
Inez-NY-- love the boots!
p.s. here's our "snölykta"*


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