Sleep tight

Hello bedroom.... wow, a place for a queen.  There might be room for my king here too.  ;-)
This bedroom stolen from "Sköna Hem", a Swedish interior design magazine, is so romantic it's awesome, but unfortunately hubby doesn't have quite the same taste. For example he would nix the bed ruffle in one swoop and he hates chandeliers.  I guess having a man is worth some compromising, ;-) so here's where we landed - with the åkerkulla panels from IKEA and the kvartal system that I described in this post: back-to-ikea.

There are some elements in this picture that I think we could incorporate though into our space that maybe HH would agree such as the wooden ceiling (love that) and the soft palette throughout.  It's so restful isn't it?  But the pillows he would toss, I have dozens in the closet for that reason!  BTW, how do you handle husbands who get in the way of your decorating?

Here is a link to more French inspired bedrooms:  Good night, sleep tight!


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