Day of the Döda (Dead)

Hello, yesterday was Veterans's Day in the States, a day when we honor those in the military who serve our country and it got me started on thinking about my family and how although we don't have a lot of fighters in the family tree, we do have a lot of love.  I miss my grandparents tremendously so I decided to honor them in my own little "Day of the Dead", a week late and a dollar short perhaps, but I had the day off and I wanted my children to think of them and know more about them.
If you have seen the wild and wonderful new film "The Book of Life" produced by Guillermo del Toro, then you know about the wonderful Mexican tradition during the week around Halloween that honors ancestors whom have passed away . It's a time to celebrate their lives, and invite the dead back into our lives with food, candles, flowers and by visiting their graves.
from Soft Sea Travel
Marigolds abound this time of year in Mexico and actually still flourish in my garden, so I used them for my mini altar.  I put out photos, and a wonderful book that my aunt made to memoralize my American grandparents (thanks Aunt Joanne), as well as some clementines, a candle and flowers.  If I had them I would have put out a plate of Marianne candy which makes me think of my Swedish grandmother who loved them and used to suck on them while knitting, and some bourbon which my American grandfather enjoyed.  (But only in moderation, and never any earlier than the stroke of 5PM.)  I loved all my grandparents, two from Sweden, two from America and never considered asking them for anything although they gave me so much.  Missing them.


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