Happy Thanksgiving! And movies and kings and baths

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared is a funny movie.  Allan Karlsson just leaves the old people's home on his 100th birthday and if off on the lam!  Things just happen as it seems they did throughout his long and eventful life.  A suitcase full of money provides the glue that binds a cast of characters into place and they are an unusual group.  

It's rated R but mainly for language. I think older kids could watch and enjoy it, they may even brush off some history facts while doing so.  I read the book too but actually liked the movie better, and how many times can we say that?  I enjoyed seeing summer shots of Småland as well as hearing the spoken Swedish, and the story is a hoot.  Maybe a fun movie to watch over Thanksgiving holiday?
Also trying keep a straight face when I read how the King of Sweden denounced baths, but it's true, they do use a lot more energy!  He also uses a hybrid car now and said recently: 
"‘We do what we can here at the palace. It’s an ongoing project trying to save energy, but it isn’t easy in an old property,"  
Yeah, yeah I know you are so not sad for King Carl Gustaf of Sweden and his large drafty palace.  But did you know he actually attended the first environmental conference in Stockholm in 1972 and is due to attend UN climate change talks in Paris on 11/30?  And for those nut jobs who wrote into the Daily Mail with their comments, please note that he didn't say he was doing away with showering!  Jeesh!  I do like this comment though 'cause it's just silly: "That man is crazier than a bag of squirrels".  Huh?  Cut the king some slack.  
By the way, me thinks I should have been royalty.  Do you agree? (Pic taken at the Theater Hall of Fame in NYC.) Ha, Ha! 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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