Finally ready! And re-vote in Sweden

Hej friends!  A new year to come, a new look on the blog.... seems appropriate to me, let me know if you like it.  I really should take a blogger class on beautiful photography and learn how to code, and then ask advertisers to advertise, and link to other people's pages, and check my stats ... and all that!  I know, I know, but what I really enjoy is reaching out to you who have similar interests and just taking a minute to think about what's going in the world and in Sweden in particular.  Would love to learn how to make beautiful pictures like this one of the star, but for now, we will have to make do.

Currently, on the global level, I am following the re-vote in Sweden.  Turns out that they will vote again to get the right mix in the Parliament and as an American I don't quite get it.  Here we live with whomever wins, chads or no chads!  (Remember that?) ;-)  Well, as I understand it the Swedes are re-voting on March 22nd because the budget didn't get approved due to the machinations of the anti-immigrant party "Sweden Democrats", read more about that here.

On a personal level I am happy to say that the house is finally decorated which in my mind means that there is something red, glittery and lit in every room....
  1. þLiving room, tree dressed and stockings up!
  2. þDining room, big star and garlands up!
  3. þKitchen, pointsetta, red tablecloth and candles lit!
YEAH!  That's a big victory for us all at the house lagom where things have been a little nutty, a little sickly, and taken over by Thanksgiving for a while.  :-)  So worth it, but happy to have our little home decked out for the holidays finally!


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