Glad Midsommar! Happy Midsummer!

Hej!  What could be better than jumping around a may pole like a frog, eating fresh strawberries, and getting falling down drunk?  Happy Midsummer everyone when the Swedes let down their inhibitions and have some good old fashioned fun doing it.  Made a mad dash to IKEA so we're all set with pickled herring and other "delicacies".  Handsome hubby will be so glad. ;-)

Now if I was really good I would have made my own herring, or sill as it's known, and possibly even my own flavored vodka, or snaps.  Well I'm not but for those of you that are, here's a recipe pickled herring. Start it the day before, it will need 12 hours to pickle. It's really not hard, just so much easier to buy it ready made and in different sauces at the store.  And then I can add to my "lovely" collection of half-eaten sill bottles that takes up the refridgerator shelves for the rest of the year!  And some nice Midsummer food pics from ropcorn, here

For more information about a Midsummer spent in Skanör please read my post about raising "LinneStången" in  Sweden,  We wish you all a Happy Midsummer!  (Special K forces a smile.) :-)


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