Victorian Bed Bench

Just wanted to share a picture of my new purchase, a Victorian bed bench, found at a local favorite vintage store "Flukes and Finds".  Three of the pillows came with (the ones in the back) and the blue ones are made by moi aka Nordic Niche.  The granny squares are quite hip and happening in Sweden, believe it or not, and the front one includes a re-purposed embroidery panel that I purchased abroad and made into a pillow.  So happy with my new cozy spot by the window and the kids love it too!  I originally eyed this piece at the Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury (see there it is in the back) but I thought the size might be wrong.  Lucky me,
I procrastinated long enough that the price came down and the size was true perfection for my sunny spot. Sometimes you have luck on your side! Here's my original post about this fun day, Pettengill Farms Vintage Bazaar. And some Swedish kurbits inspiration which can perhaps inspire you as well and show you where I got my love of painted furniture.  Let me know if you like it as I plan to start to paint on furniture using this special technique!


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